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  1. Classic Pattern 6'6" Surfboard Travel Bag (Black / Grey)
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  2. Classic Pattern 7'6" Surfboard Travel Bag (Black / Grey)
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  3. Classic Pattern 8'6" Surfboard Travel Bag (Black / Grey)
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Make life easier with our Two Bare Feet board bags, which will allow you to keep your watersports equipment in one place.

Designed to be used near the water, our durable bags will ensure your possessions are kept dry and protected from the elements.

They are particularly useful for families who need to carry lots of gear, without having to go back and forth to the car. Alternatively, they suit the solo traveller who is looking to easily transport their equipment. 

Our versatile board bags are ideal for beach use and perfectly suit a range of watersports. Different models are optimal for carrying certain boards – including bodyboards, surfboards and SUPs (stand up paddleboards).


Bodyboard bags

Keep your bodyboard in top condition with our specially designed Two Bare Feet bodyboard bags. Constructed using premium materials, our board bags are highly durable and are sure to protect all your equipment on many adventures. You can carry these bags on your back, shoulder or in hand and the adjustable, sturdy straps ensure comfort.

The 42” range includes our Premium Double 42” Bodyboard Carry Bag and Double 42” Bodyboard Carry Bag which are both designed so you’ll have plenty of room for two bodyboards and your essential gear. The large front pocket on each model are perfect for holding your beach accessories, such as towels, wetsuits, sun cream, whilst inbuilt mesh material panels help your wet gear to dry quicker.

Alternatively, opt for a 44” bodyboard bag if you are looking to carry all your essentials and up to three, full-sized bodyboards. These bags deliver an excellent storage capacity­, including a large main compartment. On top of this, there are two smaller front pockets, designed to safely hold personal possessions.

Our Premium Triple 44" Bodyboard Carry Bag is the optimal travel accessory. It not only provides extra space for your bodyboards but has an inbuilt name and address card, just in case it goes missing on your travels. Besides this, its dimensions comply with standard hold luggage requirements for all major airlines, whilst its various straps ensure ease of transport. This bodyboard bag features mesh ventilation on each main compartment in order to help dry damp gear and prevent mildew from building.


Surfboard bags

Developed to accommodate a range of boards – including shortboards, foamies, funboards, eggs and fish boards – our Two Bare Feet Surfboard Travel Bags contain a ¼ inch of foam padding throughout, in order to protect your board.

Created with extra inside space, you’ll be able to pack all your surf accessories and equipment, including up to 2 or 3 boards. There is an additional Velcro-sealed internal pocket for personal belongings and an adjustable/removable strap with a carry handle.

Depending on your needs, the Two Bare Feet Surfboard Travel Bag is available in different sizes. Our Two Bare Feet 7’6” Surfboard Travel Bag is the most popular bag size as this will easily accommodate a standard size minimal surfboard. The 6’6” Surfboard Travel Bag a great choice for any shortboards, funboards or fishes, whilst our 8’6” Surfboard Travel Bag is capable of accommodating most large minimals or small longboards.

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Paddleboard carry bags

Our 90 litre Waterproof Dry Bag / SUP Carry Bag makes the perfect accompaniment to your Two Bare Feet inflatable SUP and SUP accessories, allowing you to transport your kit easily whilst keeping everything dry and protected with its heavy-duty, waterproof PVC construction. 

The 90-litre volume enables you to pack and store each essential in one place whilst this model features an external holder for your 3-piece paddle. A heavy-duty buckle is in place to keep everything secure and to keep the water out – ideal for any outdoor excursion.

Twin padded shoulder straps with a waist fastener will ensure ease of comfort when transporting heavier kit.

We also stock a Two Bare Feet 60 litre Waterproof Dry Bag / Inflatable Surfboard Carry Bag which has a slightly lower volume, making it more suited to carrying a Two Bare Feet inflatable surfboard. Alternatively, our smaller variation – the Two Bare Feet 30 litre Waterproof Dry Bag / Inflatable Bodyboard Carry Bag ­­– offers an even lower volume which is perfect for carrying your Two Bare Feet inflatable bodyboard. These bags are great for carrying your different types of boards, but also double as general use drybags that can be used to keep your dry kit secure while at the beach.


Watersports accessories

Aside from our board bags, Two Bare Feet offer everything you could possibly need to enjoy outdoor watersports. Also be sure to check out our incredible range of diving equipment and specialist clothing for men, women and kids.