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Two Bare Feet 10’6” inflatable stand up paddle boards

Two Bare Feet 10’6” inflatable stand-up paddleboards set the standard for reliability and versatility. They offer the best SUP experience for a wide range of riders and disciplines.

The inflatable SUPs in our 10’6” range are allround boards. They offer fantastic performance, comparable to hard boards – whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly flat water SUP, intend to explore the open ocean or catch small waves.

They’re the ideal length for paddlers who want speed, tracking ability and manoeuvrability. The designs draw inspiration from shorter surf-style boards as well as larger touring-style paddle boards.

Generally, this size of board suits small- to medium-sized paddlers best, with payload limits reaching up to around 100kg on the widest of models in the range.

paddleboarder going over the top of a wave at sunsetpaddleboarder going over the top of a wave at sunset

Our 10’6” inflatable paddle board selection

Two Bare Feet’s 10’6” iSUPs suit new and experienced paddlers, thanks to differences in dimensions, shapes and technologies used.

You’ll find the best boards for new paddlers at the budget end of our range. Models such as the Entradia offer extra width and generally rounder templates, which promote stability.

Other 10’6” boards in our selection become increasingly narrower. SUPs such as the Archer and Sport Air have been designed for paddlers with a little more experience, or those more confident in their balance.

These boards offer extra speed and agility. Their templates are generally narrower through the nose of the board and tail, which enhances speed and tracking abilities.

We’ve also added technologies through the range to provide boards with rock-hard rigidity. These include the Entradia’s stiffening strips, and the Archer’s double strip setup.

In addition, we’ve used more advanced PVC outer layer materials and construction processes, such as the Tough Fusion DWF fabric found in the top-of-the-range Sport Air 10’6”.

All our boards feature a centre carrying handle for ease of transportation.

Two Bare Feet’s 10’6” SUP options and accessories

At Two Bare Feet, customer experience is our top priority. All 10’6” inflatable stand up paddleboards available via our online store are available in a variety of colour schemes. You're guaranteed to find stylish boards that match any personality.

In addition, all our boards are sold with a package of SUP accessories that provides everything you’ll need to get out on the water.

All packages include:

· an adjustable SUP paddle

· dual-action pump

· removable fin

· dry bag

· repair kit

Higher-tier options also come with additional and/or up-rated SUP accessories.

For more details on our accessories packages, take a look at the SUP packages available on our website

If you need help selecting a board, don't be afraid to get in touch with our team of SUP experts. With years of experience, they offer broad knowledge and good customer service.