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Two Bare Feet 10'10" inflatable stand up paddleboards

At Two Bare Feet, 10’10” is the standard length for our all-round XL inflatable stand up paddle boards . These boards have a versatile design which caters for a wide range of skill levels and water activities, thanks to the different widths and templates they come in.

Longer stand-up paddleboards increase straight-line speed. However, they may compromise on easy manoeuvrability and responsiveness, depending on the width or volume.

Using a moderate length board, such as a 10’10” SUP, provides decent overall performance, with an optimal balance between ride speed and turning ability. 

These characteristics mean a 10’10” inflatable SUP board is a great all-rounder. It can catch waves and will perform well while touring, without buying a dedicated touring SUP.

XL SUP thickness

One constant with our 10’10” range is the thickness. Each of our all-round XL inflatable paddle boards are 6” thick, offering maximum buoyancy for larger riders.

Additional buoyancy also means new paddlers will have an incredibly stable base when paddling on flat water. You can comfortably take passengers on the wider boards in our range. In addition, the extra space available will be great for loading up with gear for long-distance trips.

paddleboarder on the water in tropical location paddleboarder on the water in tropical location

Our 10’10” inflatable board selection

Two Bare Feet XL iSUPs are available in a number of different models to suit different experience levels and budgets thanks to the varying shapes and technologies on offer.

The most popular SUP boards for new paddlers can be found at the budget end of our range. The Entradia XL offers 34” width with a rounder template to provide extra stability

Other 10’10” inflatable models become increasingly narrower. This is because boards such as the Archer XL and Sport Air XL have been designed for paddlers with a bit more experience, or those with a bit more confidence in their balance, and are looking for added performance.

The narrower profile of these models offers extra speed and agility at the cost of stability. The templates are generally narrower through the nose and tail, which also enhances speed, tracking and turning abilities.

Additional technologies have been applied through the range to increase board rigidity. These include the Entradia’s stiffening strips, and the Archer’s double strip setup.

For our top-of-the-range Sport Air XL 10’10” we use more advanced PVC materials and construction processes, such as Tough Fusion DWF fabric.

Two Bare Feet’s 10’10” SUP options and accessories

All 10’10” inflatable stand up paddleboards we sell are available in a variety of colourways. With choices to suit all tastes, you’re guaranteed to find a board which matches your personal style.

In addition, all our boards are sold with a package of SUP accessories providing everything you’ll need to get out on the water.

All packages include:

· a paddle

· dual action pump

· removable fin

· drybag

· repair kit

Higher tier options also come with additional and/or up-rated accessories.

For more details on our accessory packages, take a look at our SUP package pages 

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· Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Packs
· Deluxe Carbon Packs
· Ultimate Packs