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Prioritise your safety with our extensive collection of buoyancy aids and lifejackets, designed with all manner of water sports in mind. Water can be highly unpredictable, even for the best of swimmers. Therefore, we highly recommend using a life jacket or buoyancy aid to feel secure, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

We offer a wide range of different buoyancy aids and lifejackets, with styles suitable for men, women and kids. They have been fully CE approved, according to European standards.

Generally, a 50N buoyancy aid is suited to activities closer to the shore and is intended to increase your buoyancy to help you float. Keep in mind that these cannot be relied upon to float you fully, and they do not offer any head support to keep you upright.

In contrast, a lifejacket carries a 100 Newton rating for buoyancy (100N), as well as head support. This maximises safety and means that it can be relied upon to keep you floating upright, making it a great choice for offshore exploits such as cruising or boating. They can be generally used by swimmers who are not completely confident, including children.


Typhoon 50N Yalu Wave Front Zipper Buoyancy Aid

Available in a selection of classic colours, these buoyancy aids can be purchased in adult and child sizes. The 50N Typhoon Yalu Buoyancy Aid features a front zip which makes putting it on or taking it off a breeze. It also features a fully adjustable waist and shoulder strap – combined with a removable crotch strap – to ensure a secure fit for every wearer.

Due to its trapeze design and lightweight construction, flexibility and ease of movement are guaranteed, making it the perfect option for a multitude of water sports – particularly sailing, canoeing and kayaking. They are good for these pursuits as the waist is 'high cut' which allows for freedom of movement in the waist and hips – ideal to provide clearance for kayaking.

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Buoyancy Aid 50N 4 strap

Two Bare Feet’s 50N Adult Buoyancy Aids are the perfect accessory for most water sports. With a durable nylon outer shell and a comfortable foam filling, they provide significant buoyancy as well as impact protection. Their fully adjustable buckles create a secure fit and allow you to alter the jacket to enhance your comfort and security.


Unisex Life Jacket 100N

Made from hard-wearing nylon and soft internal foam, this 100N lifejacket is hard-wearing and comfortable. It features a padded collar for excellent head support for maximised safety, whilst its high-visibility colour and reflective scotch lite stripes will reassuringly stand out in the water.

If you are looking for a similar quality hi-vis buoyancy aid, consider our Unisex Buoyancy Jacket 50N. Made from the same materials as its 100N counterpart, this aid affords enough buoyancy to support your swimming, without being big and bulky.

As a buoyancy aid, the reduction in weight makes it ideal for water use nearer to the shoreline.


Wetsuits and water sports products

As with any sport, it’s vital to use the best equipment and clothing in order to enhance your performance and keep you safe.

Get ready for your next water adventure with our impressive range of Two Bare Feet water sports accessories and an extensive collection of wetsuits. We also offer a range of float vests designed specifically as swim training aids for younger children.