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Whether you’re heading to the local pool or taking a trip to the beach, no water experience is complete without goggles. Here at Two Bare Feet we’ve taken it back to basics: we know that you can’t go wrong with a pair of simple, high quality swimming goggles. With that in mind we’ve created a range of silicone goggles, for both kids and adults.

All of our swimming goggles are constructed with fully adjustable silicone straps, providing the wearer with optimum comfort, as well as minimising the risk of pesky red marks on your face. Our swimming goggles also boast a high-density polycarbonate lens for extra durability, ensuring that these goggles will see you through many a swimming trip.

The inner lens benefits from an anti-fog coating, allowing you to swim underwater without worrying about your vision becoming impaired. For those of you planning to swim outdoors, remain confident that your eyes are protected from the sun’s harmful rays, as Two Bare Feet goggles feature UV protection within their lenses.

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If you’re planning on taking your little ones to the pool or beach this year, we have you covered. Our kids swimming goggles include both blue and pink options, allowing you to choose a pair to match their unique personality. All kid’s goggles benefit from adjustable silicone straps, keeping your little one comfortable when swimming. Their safety is also catered for with added UV protection on the goggle’s inner lens.

If your young one isn’t fully accustomed to the water yet, goggles can act as a fantastic swim aid, as the ability to see underwater provides many kids with much needed confidence.

When organising your next pool or beach holiday, be sure to check out our full range of accessories. We offer wetsuits and accessories to cater for the whole family, as well a dedicated beach category, which includes everything from towels to tents!