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Rash vests, sometimes known as rash guards, are the perfect accessory for all watersports enthusiasts and beach fans. As their name suggests, they will protect your skin from potential rubbing or abrasions ­– from the wetsuit, sand or salty water ­– and thus prevent rashes from forming. Rashes are most common under the arms and around the neck where there is more movement of skin against material.

As they boast UV protection, our rash vests can be worn alone on the beach or out on the water to provide extra defence from harmful sun rays – ideal if you forget to top up the sun cream before going surfing.

When worn under a wetsuit, rash vests can regulate the body temperature for extended periods in the water. However, when the weather is particularly warm, they are a great alternative to a full wetsuit as they still provide protection from sun exposure when worn alone with a pair of boardshorts or swimming trunks.

Our Two Bare Feet rash vests are available for the whole family­­ – included in our men's, women's and children’s collections. There are also a variety of styles to choose from, from long-sleeved rash vests to short-sleeved options, as well as thermal vests. 

Adults rash vests

If you are looking for a short-sleeved rash vest for men or women, our Unisex Short Sleeve Rash Vest is easy to slip on with a pair of shorts. Equally, they can be worn as a base underlay for extra insulation and abrasion protection. Made from quality stretchy Lycra, they afford a comfortable fit and will protect your skin when the sun is shining.

For extra warmth, our Unisex Thermal Short Sleeve Rash Vest features a fleece-lined thermal layer. As well as being comfy and flexible, they’ll ensure that you are kept warm when you are in and out of the water for longer periods of time.

Our collection of Two Bare Feet Adult Rash Vests includes long-sleeved counterparts – the Unisex Long Sleeve Rash Vest and Unisex Thermal Long Sleeve Rash Vest. They possess the same benefits as their short-sleeved equivalents, whilst their long-sleeves boast additional protection and insulation.

Rash vest information

Kids rash vests

Our kids rash vests are the ideal clothing choice for spending lots of time in or around the water.

Our Two Bare Feet vests can protect your little one’s skin on the beach whilst helping to retain body warmth on colder days. Depending on your child’s preference, they are available in both long and short sleeve variations, as well as having thermal options which possess insulating fleece lining.

Rash vests can be the ideal accompaniment to a wetsuit, offering the option to be worn underneath, or alone with shorts in warmer weather. The comfortable Lycra material, combined with UV protection, will provide parents with peace of mind as little ones play on the beach.

Bright and colourful, our comfortable rash vests are bound to please your child.

Wetsuits and watersports accessories

Apart from offering a great range of rash vests, we sell an incredible selection of wetsuits and accessories for all of the family.

Tried and tested, our products will offer you with everything you need to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures.