Two Bare Feet SUP Leash and Quick Release Waist Belt Package

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Pair a coiled SUP leash with a Quick Release waist belt for absolute safety while out on the water.


SUP Leash:

  • - Coiled design to keep leash compact
  • - Swivel fixings so it doesn't knot or twist
  • - Comfortable, padded velcro ankle strap

Quick Release Waist Belt:

  • - Quick release belt clasp and toggle
  • - Easy to attach ankle leash to handle on rear of belt
  • - Safer than just an ankle leash that could be difficult to reach
  • - Made from 50mm woven polyester for extra strength
  • - Universal fit (can accomodate up to 46" waist) 
  • - Two Bare Feet badge branding on rear handle  

Flowing water can present many dangers when paddleboarding and requires certain safety equipment as well as experience, skill and knowledge of your surroundings. One such hazard, which has been identified as paddleboarding has continued to grow in popularity, is the issue of an ankle leash being caught on any underwater objects and the difficulties faced when trying to detach it. 

A powerful and unrelenting current in a river or tidal estuary for example, can easily hinder you from being able to reach your ankle leash should need to release yourself from your board in an emergency. 

That's where this quick release waist belt comes in. This discreet belt fits comfortably around your waist and allows you to attach a regular ankle leash to the handle on the back of the belt. The clasp on the front features a pull-cord that is always within arms reach and will reliably release when pulled, completely detaching you from your board.

This package allows you to pick up a deluxe coiled leash with our quick release waist belt at a discounted price so you have the best safety set up for keeping you in contact with your board. 

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