Archer Paddleboards

Our Two Bare Feet Archer SUPs are back for 2022 and built to the same high specs that made them so popular when they were first released. A culmination of years of experience in inflatable paddleboard design - We have incorporated everything we feel makes a quality, user-friendly performance SUP at a reasonable price point.

The Archer range boasts the next generation of our tried and tested DWF (Double Wall Fabric) - a high density 1000 denier thread which adds significant rigidity, whilst also saving weight. As soon as you hit the water, you'll notice the advantages of this lightweight construction - the Archer offers a high-performance, sport feel with incredible agility. And out of the water, transportation is made much easier. 

The Archers are reinforced with 2 additional PVC stiffening laminates on top and bottom which are used to great effect to increase rigidity throughout the board profile. This makes them predictable and easy to use, even in testing conditions.

A 33" width gives these boards good stability from side to side, but affords a narrower profile than some of the others in our range. This is great for those looking for a fast board that will allow you to continually push your limits as you level up your skills as an intermediate rider.

Choose your Archer SUP as a 10'6 Allrounder for riders up to around 95kg, as a 10'10" Allround XL for larger riders, or as a 12'0 Touring board for superior tracking and speed over long distances.

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