Skateboard Bolts

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Skateboard Bolts

Any keen skater knows that customisation is the ideal way to create a board acutely matched to your unique skate style. At Two Bare Feet we offer everything needed to do just that – pick your own hardware, including bolts, trucks and decks, to construct a tailor-made skateboard or repair an existing board in need of some TLC.

Our range of retro skateboard bolts sets all include eight nuts and eight bolts – enough to complete one skateboard. Our bolts are all 1 inch long, topped with an Allen key head. Available in a huge selection of colours, Two Bare Feet bolts sets are the perfect choice to ensure both safe skating and an aesthetically pleasing finish to your custom board.

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Complete your purchase with our Two Bare Feet Skate Tool Utility: keep one of these tools in your bag to make sure you can run any required maintenance when you’re out and about. Featuring a triple-ended attachment for adjusting and tightening every fixture and fitting on your board, as well as a removable Allen key, no renovations should be attempted without this piece of kit.

Be sure to check out our full range of skateboard hardware, from decks to wheels, for the ultimate custom-built board.