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Bodyboarding, sometimes referred to as boogieboarding, is one of the quickest and easiest water sports to get to grips with, becoming a firm favourite amongst water enthusiasts looking to get a quick wave fix. A perfect pastime for the whole family, you’re almost guaranteed to catch a wave – no matter your ability or experience.

Here at Two Bare Feet we offer an extensive range of bodyboards in varying sizes, meaning you can pick your perfect sized board. Featuring a high-density EPS core, our boards are super tough and durable – ideal for carrying you through some stronger waves.

Each board benefits from a smooth HDPE base (high density polyethylene), enabling you to orchestrate slick glides along the waves and enable increased speeds. This high density plastic slick adds elasticity to the board, ensuring that it can recoil to its original shape after flexing. Polyethylene is also considered to be more suitable for colder waters – you don’t need us to tell you how essential that is around the British coast.


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The majority of our range benefits from textured IXPE decks, the highest quality bodyboard foam available. This gives the rider a firm grip of their board, as well as ensuring that the board doesn’t crease after flexing. IXPE boasts impressive water protection, stopping your bodyboard from disintegrating as cheaper, low-quality boards are prone to doing. The carefully selected materials used to construct the core of our boards combine to ensure that they are super lightweight and easy to carry, making them the perfect choice for your younger bodyboarding enthusiasts.

When selecting the right board for you, size is essential. As a general rule, when stood up your board should come up to around your belly button – the bigger the rider the bigger the board, giving you optimum control. If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend that you opt for a bigger board, due to the extra buoyancy and support it will provide. Our range varies from 33” to 44” inch boards, catering for all.

All Two Bare Feet bodyboards come complete with a Velcro leash, with the option to make the upgrade to a coil leash for ultimate tangle resistance. Available in a huge aesthetically pleasing selection, and suitable for both adults and children, you’re guaranteed to find a bodyboard to suit you in our range. Bodyboards provide so much entertainment you won't want to get off the water. Look into some of our children's wetsuits to keep your kid's warmer during those long days at the beach.

If you’re on the look out for boards for the whole family, be sure to browse through our variety of bodyboard packages, which contain a pair of boards as well as a carry bag. Or if you're looking for a bigger more versatile board, check out our range of stand up paddle boards for sale.