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No waves doesn’t have to mean no fun. Two Bare Feet’s selection of skimboards are perfect for guaranteeing your water sports fix, even in the shallows. With the unpredictable surf conditions found on the British coast, we know that skimboarding is about to become your new favorite activity!

All our boards are made of 7-ply poplar wood, making them amazingly lightweight, and therefore perfect for skimming over the top of shallow waves with style. Largely known as a hardwood, poplar is strong enough to make the boards sturdy, whilst allowing for a little flex.

You’re spoilt for choice with our expertly designed skimboard options, in either 37” or 41” – whether you’re new to the sport or a skimboarding professional. Constructed in specialist shapes, such as a classic pintail or a swallowtail, each board boasts a beautiful and unique Two Bare Feet logo.

Each board also features a silky-smooth lacquered finish, enhancing its gliding abilities. Every board also benefits from a water-repellent treatment, making them super durable and able to handle a few knocks and bumps without complaint.

As with any water sport, once you’ve learned the basics there’s a whole host of exciting skimboarding tricks to perfect. Never again will no waves result in a dull day! You're other option on a flat water day is to try out paddle boarding!

Don't let the lack of surf spoil your beach fun - get on board a skimboard and experience some low-level fun. These boards are perfect to enjoy on those colder days when you don't want to get fully submerged, and there's always the option to wear a winter wetsuit to keep you nice and warm. Skimboards by nature are designed to be used in shallow waters and on incoming waves where there is little worry about getting knocked off. Our skimboards are made from high-quality materials to give excellent resilience, durability and above all, fun at the waters' edge.


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