Looking for the perfect surfboard and accessories? Look no further than Two Bare Feet! Our selection includes best-selling soft surfboards as well as all the essential accessories you need to hit the waves. Plus, with free UK standard delivery on all orders over £70, you will be able to save big on every purchase from our website.

Foam Surfboards

These soft surfboards feature high-volume designs that are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers who want to catch and ride waves in no time. The foam deck (XPE) is more buoyant than traditional fibreglass options, making it easier to paddle and stand up on. Inside, the boards boast a buoyant, durable EVA core and a wooden stringer down the middle for extra strength. The underside of the board is slick, housing a thruster setup with three fins that offer maximum manoeuvrability.

Surfboard Bags

Designed to accommodate a range of board sizes, from shortboards to funboards and everything in between, this bag will keep your board protected during daily use, storage, and travel. With plenty of spare space inside, you can also pack your wetsuit, towel, spare clothes, accessories, and anything else you may want to bring along. Plus, if you remove the fins and pack carefully, you can even fit up to 2 or 3 boards in one bag!

With an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle, they are easy to take with you wherever you go. The velcro-sealed internal pocket is perfect for storing your accessories and other important items, while the dual zippers make it easy to access everything inside. And if security is a concern, you can even lock the bag by connecting the zippers with a small padlock (not supplied). Get surf ready with a surfboard leash designed to keep you connected with your board.