Double Chamber SUP Boards

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SUP Double Chamber

Two Bare Feet’s double chamber inflatable stand-up paddleboards offer exceptionally high quality and superior performance, especially in comparison to other SUP manufacturers.

We have a wide range of double chamber SUPs suited to a variety of riders and paddleboarding disciplines. These boards are also available in a variety of colours, so you’re sure to find the right one to suit your style. 

Advantages of Double Chamber SUPs

Our double chamber paddleboards are incredibly durable and rigid. Being engineered with two air chambers means air is split evenly across the board. This greatly reduces air displacement throughout the board and can make the construction up to 30% stiffer than its single-chamber counterparts. You will also gain added peace of mind due to the safety features, meaning you can push the boundaries further.

Our double chamber boards are best suited to surfing and whitewater use, where the benefit of the added stiffness really shows most. However, they perform particularly well in all uneven water conditions, including surface chop and open ocean swells. This is why we offer our double chamber boards as alternatives to surf, allround and touring designs.

Two Bare Feet’s Double Chamber SUPs


Our range of Phatpad Double Chamber SUPs features three high-quality inflatable paddleboard designs. The 10’6” model is ideal for all-round use, whilst our 10’10” Allround XL board is suited to larger or heavier riders.

If you’re interested in long-distance touring, our Phatpad 12'0" Double Chamber SUP is an excellent choice.

Sport Air

Our Sport Air SUPs offer paddleboarders the experience of riding one of the best performing inflatable SUP boards on the market. Our 10’0” model is designed for both all-round and surfing / whitewater use, whereas the 10’6” Sport Air is more of a typical allround SUP. On the other hand, our Sport Air Double Chamber 12’6” is the perfect touring partner – great for those languid downstream excursions.

Two Bare Feet double chamber SUPs allround touring surf

Choosing a double chamber board

Whether you opt for the Phatpad or Sport Air, we promise that our double chamber SUPs will take more than a few knocks out on the water, thanks to the use of reinforced Double Wall Fusion PVC in the board exterior.

Our Sport Air Double chamber boards also possess an additional laminate layer on the underside. This increases rigidness, whilst also offering additional protection from sharp objects on the shoreline.