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Our inflatable 12’6” SUPs are made for touring. They are the longest boards we offer, and because of the thick 6” depth they are also the boards with the highest volume.

The elongated profile of a 12’6” touring board is designed to glide through the water. Given the extended length, this type of board tends to be efficient at travelling forward in a straight line and will have excellent tracking ability. However, they are not as manoeuvrable as some of the smaller models, and will require a bit more effort when changing direction.

As the boards with the highest volume, our 12’6” touring SUPs are very buoyant. In addition to easier paddling, due to the high positioning on the water’s surface, these SUP boards are also capable of carrying a significantly higher maximum payload compared to our smaller models. This means they are perfect for taking out on extended trips with a significant amount of cargo, as well as for carrying passengers.


The Two Bare Feet 12’6” SUP range

Two of our premium touring models are available as 12’6” boards: the Sport Air Touring and Sport Air Touring Double Chamber.

Sport Air Touring iSUP (single-and double-chamber models)

  • - 12’6” – Extra-long design for speed          
  • - 33” – Standard width for touring
  • - 6” – Standard thickness for touring
  • - Standard storage capacity
  • - Single or double air chamber
  • - Double Wall Fusion (DWF) PVC exterior with triple layer underside

Like the similarly fully featured, but shorter, Phatpad Touring SUP, the Sport Air Touring board is constructed with a DWF PVC skin — providing a stiff, reliable exterior that will neither crinkle nor separate, thanks to the heat-fused lamination method involved, which is stronger and more reliable than glue to hold laminate layers together.

Unlike other touring boards, the Sport Air models feature a triple-layered laminate underside, providing additional protection and strength to the overall construction.

As with other double chamber iSUPs, the second chamber in the Sport Air Double Chamber Touring board increases rigidity by up to 30% – improving strength, durability and stability in the water.

The extra air chamber also functions as a failsafe, guaranteeing that the board will not deflate in the event it is ever damaged.

If you’re planning to be away from the shore for hours at a time, you’ll want a board you can rely on. As our premium touring SUP, you can be sure that the Sport Air Touring SUP will provide the smoothest, most effortless and hassle-free journey you could wish for.


TBF's range of 12'6" SUP boards  


Two Bare Feet 12’6” SUP options and accessories

Our 12’6” inflatable stand up paddle boards are available in a variety of colour schemes. You won’t be left short of choices; we’re certain you’ll find something that speaks to your individuality.

All our boards are also sold with a package of accessories, which will provide everything needed to get out on the water. All packages include: a paddle, dual action pump, removable fin, drybag, coil leash and repair kit. Higher tier options come with additional products and either a Carbon Hybrid or Carbon Pro paddle.

For more details on the accessory packages sold by Two Bare Feet, take a look at our SUP package pages: