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Two Bare Feet women's skiing base layers


When out on the slopes, effective layering is essential in order to keep you warm in colder climates. Aside from obvious annoyance, letting your body temperature drop too low can be dangerous. At Two Bare Feet, we have a wide selection of women’s thermal base layers, designed using expert knowledge in order to guarantee optimum insulation and warmth when skiing, snowboarding or hiking.

Skiing base layers with added insulation

Our base layers all boast a fleece thermal inner lining, creating added insulation. Unlike when wearing just one thicker layer, wearing multiple layers will trap air, creating an insulative layer.

Thermal rash vests ensure that the warm air is kept close to your skin, so if a cold gust of wind comes along, the warm air will stay trapped, effectively maintaining your body heat – even in the most enduring of weather conditions.

Water wicking technology

Despite the cold weather, you will inevitably work up a sweat when skiing or snowboarding. If moisture caused by perspiration is left on your skin for an extended period, irritation and discomfort can occur. You will also find that when wet, your body temperature will drop far more rapidly.

Thermal base layers feature thousands of tiny microfibres, designed to effectively wick water created by perspiration or melted snow away from your skin. This prevents moisture from becoming trapped inside your base layer, effectively maintaining your body heat and preventing discomfort.

Ladies snow thermal base layers

Comfortable skiing base layers

When out on the slopes, the last thing you want to worry about is your skiing clothes. Our women’s thermal base layers offer a comfortable, second skin fit. With a stretchy Lycra outer layer, our women’s thermals are tight enough to provide proper insulation, without ever causing restriction.

Our thermals are also thin enough to allow you to complete your skiing outfit with a mid-layer, as well as an external layer for added warmth and waterproofing.

Women’s base layers at Two Bare Feet

At Two Bare Feet we have women’s skiing base layers in a variety of colours and fits, all at impressively low prices. Created using premium quality materials, our base layers are designed to last year upon year.

As exclusively designed items, our thermal rash vests do not always adhere to standard high street sizing. Be sure to refer to our size guides to guarantee a perfect fit, first time. Chosen your base layer? Get ready for the slopes this season with a pair of our women’s snow goggles or complete skiing sets.