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When preparing for a day out on the slopes, it’s essential that you take necessary precautions to ensure that you keep warm – cutting your adventure short because you’re too cold is less than ideal!

A thermal base layer is the ultimate way to ensure that you remain toasty – no matter what the weather throws at you. At Two Bare Feet we have an expertly created range of men’s skiing thermals, designed to provide optimum protection from the elements – your snow wardrobe is not complete without one!


Thermal fleece lining

Boasting a super soft thermal fleece inner, our skiing base layers have been expertly designed, using premium quality materials. This ensures that you can maintain a comfortable and moderate heat throughout your time on the snow.

Providing both insulation as well as a comfortable fit, our men’s thermals make the ultimate base layer.


Water wicking qualities

When exerting yourself out on the slopes, you’re inevitably going to work up a sweat – and there’s nothing worse than feeling that sweat stuck to your skin for the rest of the day. When your body is wet, your temperature drops far more quickly, which could lead to a dangerous scenario.

An essential characteristic to look for in a base layer for skiing is an effective wicking system – a process in which the material absorbs moisture and carries it away from your skin.

Our Two Bare Feet thermals are equipped with a fleece inner lining, with specially designed microfibres capable of effectively wicking moisture away. This will prevent sweat from getting trapped between your skin and your base layer, keeping you both super comfortable and safe.

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Comfortable, second-skin fit

As the closest layer to your skin, thermals need a snug fit, without being restrictive. Our men’s base layers feature a stretchy Lycra outer layer, which provides a super comfortable, second-skin type fit. With a thin layer of air remaining between your skin and the material, your body is able to retain heat effectively, keeping you toasty.

Being thin and close-fitting also means you can layer up on top of your base layers, providing optimum insulation between multiple layers of clothing.

Sports such as skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding - the added stretch provided by Lycra also ensures that you can move comfortably, without ever limiting mobility.


Available in either long or short sleeves, and in sizes from S to XXL, we have a thermal base layer to suit all requirements. Complete your purchase with one of our men’s ski and jacket sets, to ensure you are fully equipped for your next adventure on the snow!