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Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding this year, a pair of snow goggles is an absolute must. Glare from the snow, powerful sunlight and exposure to extreme cold and wind can all cause damage to your eyes. Wearing professional, high quality ski goggles will not only improve your visibility out on the slopes, but also serve as protection from potential hazards.

At Two Bare Feet, we have designed a comprehensive range of ski goggles intended to protect your eyes and prevent eye fatigue, whilst ensuring that you look super stylish, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or sledging!

Summit Snow Goggles

Boasting a magnetised interchangeable lens, the Summit ski goggles are the premium model in our collection. Their specialist dual injection lens provides the wearer with high precision vision, whilst the 100% UV A/B/C protection will shield your eyes from harmful sunlight.

Our Summit snow goggles feature a spherical lens which curves both vertically and horizontally. The result is better peripheral vision as well as less distortion – ensuring perfect visibility. On the top and underside of the frame, these ski goggles also have vents built in to allow air flow and decrease the chances of steaming up.

Poorly fitting ski goggles will not be capable of serving their proper purpose. With this in mind, we have designed our Summit men’s snow glasses to be available in multiple size options, meaning that everyone can achieve the perfect fit for optimum performance.

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With a triple layer moulded foam seal, the Summit ski goggles will provide unrivalled comfort, whilst the flexing side clip ensures that they are fully helmet compatible. The frame is also constructed from TPU making them incredibly lightweight and flexible, adding to your comfort.

Our Summit men’s snow goggles are available with either blue, green or red lenses, with varying levels of light transmission. The unique interchangeable functionality allows you to easily swap lens tint depending on your requirements – we all know that weather conditions can vary hugely out on the slopes, so being prepared is key.

Switch Snow Goggles

Suitable for both skiing and snowboarding, our expertly designed men’s snow goggles feature an extended frame height of 100mm,  providing increased peripheral vision. With a choice of either red, blue or green lenses, the Switch model can be purchased for either very sunny or more cloudy conditions.

The Switch men’s ski goggles also benefit from enhanced silicone grip and an elasticated strap to ensure they stay in place when out on the slopes, as well as remaining enviably comfortable. As with our entire ski & snowboarding goggles range, the Switch model is fully helmet compatible.

The dual cylindrical injection lens curves horizontally, providing ample peripheral vision, whilst ensuring these glasses remain at an impressively low price. As with the entirety of our range, 100% UV A/B/C protection is featured as standard, ensuring that your eyes are always protected from damaging UV light.

Method Snow Goggles

Don’t let the bargain price fool you into believing that our Method snow goggles are of inferior quality. Boasting a spherical lens in either standard mirror, red mirror or orange mirror, they are able to effectively reflect bright sunlight and glare, preventing it from penetrating through the glass – perfect for those gloriously bright days out on the slopes.

Although the Method range are the height of style, your safety is never compromised: with 100% UV A/B/C protection, you can remain confident that your eyes are shielded from potential damage.

With an enhanced silicone grip and an elasticated adjustable strap in your choice of black or white, our Method ski glasses are anti-slip, meaning that they will remain firmly in place. As with all of our ski goggles, they are also helmet compatible for your convenience.

At an exclusive price of £9.99, the Method snow goggles provide optimum performance on the slopes, without breaking the bank.


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