Kids Sea Galaxy Full Face Snorkel Mask (Blue)

The Kids Sea Galaxy Snorkel Mask is a full face mask with an unrivalled panoramic viewing area and a unique integrated snorkel. A smart evolution of the humble mask and snorkel set and available in both adults and kids sizes.
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Welcome to the next innovation from the humble mask and snorkel - the new Kids Sea Galaxy Snorkel Mask is a full face mask which offers an unrivalled panoramic view of the underwater world yet is still easy and comfortable to use.

Clip the dry top snorkel attachment to the top of the mask, adjust the soft silicone straps to your head and you're ready to explore. The full face design of this snorkel mask allows for a much wider viewing area than a traditional mask style, so you can see more of what is around you as you dive. The lens features an upgraded anti-fog coating which combined with a stream lined air flow design, significantly reduces any fogging or visibility issues.

The breathing experience with the Sea Galaxy is different than a normal snorkel, but actually simpler. You just breathe naturally as you would on dry land. That's it, no tricks or special skills required. The snorkel benefits from a premium dry top design which automatically locks out to stop excess water from entering the chamber when you go under the surface. The soft liquid silicone skirt and adjustable head straps also ensure a secure seal that isn't uncomfortable or abrasive.

Available in two sizes - adults and kids - so everyone can enjoy the snorkelling experience and explore the underwater world!

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Material Silicone
Age Recommendation Suitable for 4+
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