Skateboard Warranty Policy


Personal Injury Disclaimer

Please note that skateboarding is dangerous and that any time you step on a skateboard you are assuming a certain amount of personal risk. We want to make you aware that we will not be held liable for any sort or personal injury when using our skateboard products, even if this coincides with a valid warranty claim. Always wear protective equipment, ride within your abilities and inspect your gear and all fixtures / fittings carefully before each use.

While it is very uncommon, please be aware that unexpected breakages / malfunctions can occur to any component of your skateboard as a result of the extreme forces placed upon this extreme sports product. It is important to ride accordingly to ensure your safety in the event of an unexpected product malfunction.


What is Covered by Your Warranty

All Two Bare Feet all our skateboards are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. This means that Two Bare Feet will, at our discretion, repair or replace any Two Bare Feet Skateboard that we deem to feature defects in materials, workmanship. No other warranty is expressed or implied. 


What is NOT Covered by Your Warranty

    • Breakage or inability to properly repair due to:

- Improper storage or use in wet conditions
- Wear and tear
- Breakage to the deck, including snaps, cracks and delaminations caused by improper foot position when landing tricks
- Improper assembly, adjustments, tampering or repairs
- Improper installation of accessories
- Improper alterations or maintenance
- Abuse or neglect of the product
- Intentional and deliberate attempts of breakage

  • Normal Wear and Tear, including but not limited to:

- Tail and nose wear from dragging the nose and tail on the ground
- Edge chipping from ground, curbs or walls
- Wear from repetitive ground or obstacle contact
- Warping from exposure to heat, rain, snow or immersion in water
- Decks exposed to excessive moisture, i.e. decks ridden in the rain, mud, puddles, or snow
- Improper assembly of accessories or decks that have been modified including re-drilling of truck holes or re-shaped
- Decks run over by any motorised or un-motorised vehicle

Please note that all skateboards are liable to break through normal use and abuse. This is true of any gear used for extreme sports due to the strong forces placed on equipment. We do not replace broken decks or decks with pressure cracks. Most board snaps and cracks occur when one or both feet are positioned in the wrong spot when landing tricks and not as a result of a manufacturing fault.


How to Claim Against Your Warranty

If you have a faulty product and want to claim against the warranty then please contact our Customer Service team directly. Make sure to include your original order number, as well as a few pictures and a brief description of the problem you are having with your skateboard. This is the quickest way to resolve any issue you may have.


Safety and Maintenance Advice

    • Always wear protective equipment, ride within your abilities and anticipate hazards before they occur
    • Never store or use your skateboard in wet or damp conditions as this can cause damage and cause components of your board to function incorrectly
    • Always inspect your skateboard and all fixtures and fittings for signs of wear and damage before every use. Ensure all bolts are tight and will not work their way loose during use
    • Our skateboards are designed for use by a single rider only and should never be ridden by more than one person at a time
    • Skateboards are not intended for use on roads or public footpaths and should only ever be ridden in a suitable designated area
    • Skateboards are not intended to be used with any motorised device. This will void the warranty and may place you at greater risk or injury
    • During use, wheels, bearings and other moving parts can become worn and may need replacing. We offer many replacement parts to keep your skateboard in good working order
    • Always keep your skateboard clean and free from dirt, dust and debris to avoid the need for cleaning
    • Always aim to land from tricks with both feet positioned directly over the top of the truckbolts to avoid damage to your deck


Faulty Skateboards

Goods are classified as faulty if they are received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault occurs within 90 days of purchase. Please note that items that are damaged from wear are not considered faulty. If you believe your skateboard is defective due to a manufacturing fault, please inform us of the defect immediately and do not continue to use the skateboard.

We may ask for you to return the deck to us for inspection. If we decide your skateboard was defective, we will replace your skateboard with a similar, available skateboard of the same or better condition and pay for the shipping back to you.

If our experienced inspectors decide your skateboard was not defective and that you just broke it, you will be informed and asked if you want your skateboard sent back to you (chargeable) or destroyed. Please be aware of this before sending any skateboards back to us without contacting customer services above.

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