Scooter Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty Information

All Two Bare Feet Scooters are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. This means that Two Bare Feet will, at our discretion, repair or replace any Two Bare Feet scooter that we deem to feature defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage or loss from accidents, normal wear, improper assembly, improper adjustment / tampering / repair, improper maintenance, abuse, neglect or when used with any motorised device. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

I think my scooter is faulty. What do I do?

Goods are classified as faulty if they are received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault occurs within one year of purchase. Please note that items that are damaged from wear are not considered faulty.

  • If you believe your scooter is defective due to a manufacturing fault, please inform us of the defect immediately and do not continue to use the scooter.
  • The life of a scooter or any other product can be increased with general maintenance, if the product is assembled to a satisfactory level as detailed in the owners manual this will drastically reduce the chance of breakages or problem occurring.
  • Although scooters are capable of stunts and tricks use they are not impervious to damage. Due to the nature of this extreme sport items will need to be replaced and maintained on a regular basis. Please keep this in mind.

Scooter Inspection

  • Being a renowned supplier of scooters for many years gives us the opportunity to make informed decisions based on our extensive experience when information is provided by the customer. As such the quickest way to resolve any issue you may have is to contact including at least one image and where possible a brief description of the issue.
  • We may ask for you to return the deck to us for inspection. If we decide your scooter was defective, we will replace your scooter with a similar, available scooter of the same or better condition and pay for the shipping back to you.
  • If our experienced inspectors decide your scooter was not defective and that you just broke it, you will be informed and asked if you want your scooter sent back to you (chargeable) or destroyed. Please be aware of this before sending any scooter back to us without contacting customer services above.

Common Scooter Problems

Where possible we will do our best to reach a resolution for your issue through good will. However, these are some of the common problems that can develop within the life of a scooter and can be avoided, so therefore are not covered under our warranty.

Safety Advice

  • Our scooters are designed for a single rider only. It should never be ridden by more than one person at a time.
  • Scooters are not intended for road use or for use with any motorised device.
  • After extensive use the wheels and bearings may become worn and could need replacing. Spare parts are available from Two Bare Feet, please contact customer service for more details. Charges may apply to some items.
  • Clean the scooter after use. Regular maintenance will ensure safety.
  • Replace worn or broken parts immediately.
  • Periodically the bearings may require lubrication, use a few drops of machine oil to the bearings to aid lubrication.
  • Fixings can become loose over time so check and tighten regularly.

I have a complaint

We make every effort to ensure that our scooters reach you in satisfactory condition. However if you have any queries, need assistance or wish to make a complaint about your product, please contact us via Telephone: 01803 554695 (Mon - Fri 9am-5pm) or via email:

What is NOT Covered Breakage due to: Wear Improper installation of accessories Improper foot positioning when landing high impact trick Intentional breakage Normal Wear and Abuse, warping from exposure to heat, rain, snow or immersion in water

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