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If you’re heading into chilly coastal waters, a wetsuit hood is an absolute must. Specially designed to protect your head, ears and neck from the cold, a wetsuit hood is an essential piece of kit which provides great heat retention throughout your body.

Our range is comprised of a selection of high-quality neoprene wetsuit hoods in varying thicknesses for optimum insulation and protection from the elements. Neoprene material is often favoured in wetsuit accessories due to its stretchy quality, which provides optimum comfort. If cared for properly, neoprene is also highly durable, meaning it will see you through many aquatic adventures.

Aside from providing comfort in colder waters, many surf and dive enthusiast often opt for a wetsuit hood to protect their health. Some people who spend an extended period of time in a cold and wet environment can experience a condition called ‘surfer’s ear’, which causes earache, hearing difficulties and, in some cases, complete hearing loss. Wearing a wetsuit hood has been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of surfer’s ear.

Our bestselling Diving / Surf Wetsuit Hood boasts 5mm neoprene, making it ideal for surfers who usually remain above the water surface, but it is still thick enough for divers looking to explore underwater. The hood’s flat lock stitch technology ensures that it’s super comfy, without any annoying seams causing irritation.

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The extended neck covering will meet the collar of your wetsuit, ensuring complete skin coverage. Finished with the classic Two Bare Feet logo, our diving / surfing wetsuit hood combines practicality with style.

For those of you planning to venture in to deeper or especially cold waters, our Wetsuit Diving Hood is the perfect investment. Featuring impressively thick 7mm neoprene, this hood has been expertly designed for optimum heat retention, even in the coldest of waters. It also benefits from an extra-long extended neck collar, which will join with your chosen wetsuit to prevent any skin from being exposed.

This hood boasts classic flat lock seams, ensuring maximum comfort, as well as a Two Bare Feet logo to keep you looking stylish, even underwater.

If you’re looking to get fully kitted out for your next diving or surf trip, then opt for our full wetsuit accessories set. Complete with your choice of expertly designed hoods, a pair of Two Bare Feet wetsuit gloves and a pair of zipped neoprene boots, this set contains everything you need to take your wetsuit to the next level.

Check out our full wetsuit range, offering suits for the whole family, as well as an extensive selection of accessories.