Two Bare Feet XPE Bodyboard 42" (Yellow Dropknee)

  • Dropknee style template

  • High density EPS core for the best strength and durability

  • IXPE textured deck for a soft, smooth ride and reduces stress after flexing and recoil

  • Bat tail designed to fit comfortably to your body shape and provide extra volume

  • HDPE slick bottom (High density polyethylene) which adds elasticity to improve recoil to the original shape of the board after flexing.

  • Supplied with velcro leash

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Product Description

The new Two Bare Feet 42" Dropknee Bodyboard has been specifically developed for dropknee riding and those who would like to try some dropknee stance in between getting waves in standard prone position.

The Dropknee board has an elongated left rail, and pulled in right rail. This makes the board bite hard into the wave face on lefthanders, and makes it more loose and maneuverable on righthanders. The high widepoint and longer rail creates stability at the nose of the board, as well as extra volume required for riding D-K. The bat-tail shape also affords more volume and flotation at the rear of the board, and also minimises drag, allowing you to ride faster while staying balanced and composed.

Product features include a HDPE slick bottom and EPS core for superb stiffness and recoil when flexed. The smooth hard slick also increased hydrodynamics, ensuring that you can glide with ease on the wave face. This board is wrapped in premium non-slip IXPE  which provides padding and  traction and can also receive a thin layer of surf wax for additional grip if required.

This 42" sized board is great for large children and adults, with it's larger size making it easy to catch waves.

Please note: The length of your Dropknee bodyboard should ideally allow the nose to be within 2" above  your belly button when standing the board on the floor.


  • Height: 42 inch / 107cm
  • Width: 22.5 inch / 58cm
  • Depth: 2 inch / 5cm
  • Weight: 940g (approx)
  • Suitable for ages 5+

Additional Information
Additional Information
Product Dimensions 42" Length 22.5" Width
Board Core EPS
Board Features EPS Core, IXPE Deck, Heat Lamination, HDPE Slick, Graduated Channels, Fabric Leash, Plug Insert
Bag Colour No
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