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Whether you’re planning on exploring mysterious rockpools, investigating craggy cliffs or just playing by the pool, aqua shoes are an essential piece of kit for your next summer holiday. Here at Two Bare Feet we have a huge range of multi-purpose aqua shoes, in both child and adult sizes.

Designed first and foremost to protect your feet from any sharp objects underwater, such as rocks or shells, aqua shoes also provide you with invaluable extra grip – perfect for navigating those slippery rocks at the seaside or in a river.

The extra grip provided by our aqua shoes makes them ideal for anyone planning on trying their hand at new water sports. Solid grip when surfing can make or break catching the perfect wave, while water friendly footwear when kayaking is an essential.

Available in a huge selection of colours and designs, all the aqua shoes in our range benefit from:

  • - A neoprene upper for protection and added warmth in colder water
  • - A thick rubber sole, which provides significant protection and grip
  • - A slip-on style with alternative closure systems making them super comfortable and secure for adults and children alike
  • - Lightweight construction, which makes them ideal for family beach trips


Our Rockpool, Cliff Jump and Laced Style Aqua Shoes also feature mesh panels, for extra breathability.

If you’re on the look-out for something unique to wear at the beach, be sure to check out our Rubber Toes Aqua Shoes, available in either raspberry or navy. The lifelike foot-shaped design is guaranteed to make you stand out wherever you’re holidaying this year.

With the choice between bold and bright, or more understated colourways, you’re sure to find a pair of aqua shoes at Two Bare Feet to perfectly match your style.


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