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Wetsuit Temperature Guide

By Two Bare Feet 5 days ago

When buying a new wetsuit, it’s essential to consider the time of year and conditions you’re likely to be facing most often. Different thickness wetsuits are designed to keep you warm and comfortable while the water fluctuates in temperature throughout the year. Buy the wrong one and your paddle, surf or swim could be cut short pretty quickly due to cold.

Ski Goggles Lens Colour Guide

By Two Bare Feet 9 days ago

Getting the right ski goggles is crucial to making the most of out your skiing or snowboarding expedition. By choosing the wrong goggles, you could find yourself straining to define the bumps and lines in the snow on a low light day, or dealing with being blinded by the sun on a bluebird day.

But with the wealth of options on the market for snow goggles, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to upgrading or choosing your first pair. To help end the confusion we’ve created a comprehensive ski goggles guide to run you through lens colours, VLT, and how different types will suit different days on the slopes.

How to Clean Bearings on a Skateboard

By Craig Murch 15 days ago

Skateboards and longboards are made up of relatively simple components which generally only require slight maintenance. In most cases, if something breaks it will be because of excessive use or a particularly heavy landing and you’ll simply end up replacing it; a snapped deck, wheels with flat spots, cracked bushings or trucks.

Skateboard bearings however, are a little more sensitive and complex. You’ll find that their performance eventually decreases slowing your board down. In most cases though, there’s no need to go and buy another set straight away as it’s likely your bearings have just collected dirt making them less effective. You can simply clean and re-grease your bearings to have your skateboard rolling fast and smooth again at no cost.

Kids Scooter Safety

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

Favoured by many parents for how easy it is for kids to learn, scootering is a great way to get your youngsters moving and makes for a super speedy school run. However, as fun as the sport is, there are a few safety precautions that must be made before your kids become fully fledged scooter riders.

Following our handy advice on kids scooter safety will guarantee a parent’s peace of mind, as well as ensure that your children get the absolute maximum enjoyment. Fun is what it’s all about, after all!

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Stunt Scooter Setup and Maintenance Guide

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

Proper scooter maintenance is essential for keeping your ride running well. Naturally, stunt scooters will take some punishment at the skatepark and while Two Bare Feet Scooters are constructed to be incredibly durable, we recommend you do regular checks of all parts. This means you can perform any necessary repairs to prevent something like a wobbly set of handlebars causes a nasty bail.

Paddleboarding in Winter

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

For many, the beauty of paddleboarding is that it can be enjoyed all year round. However, as amazing as getting out on your SUP in winter is, it can be dangerous with cold water temperatures, alongside temperamental weather conditions, being primary concerns.

However, by planning your SUP excursion properly and investing in some vital pieces of kit, you’ll stand in great stead for an excellent time out on the water. See our top tips for paddleboarding in winter below!

Skateboard Bearings Guide

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

Skateboard bearings are the metal rings that fit inside your skateboard wheels to mount the wheel to the axle. They are responsible for allowing the wheel to turn smoothly and for the speed at which it does so. In this skateboard bearing guide we will break down everything you need to know before upgrading your skateboard set-up or replacing a set of worn bearings.

What is the Difference Between Longboard Trucks and Skateboard Trucks?

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

Longboard trucks are the metal T-shaped parts of a skateboard that mount onto the underside of a longboard deck. They hold your wheels and are essential to the way your board turns and handles.

SUP Camping in Scotland with a Ranger and Wildlife Guide

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

A couple of months ago, just as summer was coming to a close, a customer got in touch on Instagram looking for "two inflatable boards that would be fine to travel 10km plus each day," and be capable of carrying overnight kit plus filming and surveying gear.

It's not everyday we get asked to advise on such specifics, especially when peak season is winding down and the cold is on the way. So, after advising that a pair of our Sport Air 12'6" Touring boards would be unbeatable for long distances laden with gear and overnight adventuring, we had to probe further into Mr Pete Short's plans...

Skateboard vs longboard

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

For a beginner, the differences between a longboard and a skateboard may be difficult to gauge, and you may be asking yourself, where do I start? In reality, there are several significant differences between the two board styles which will have a huge effect on how you skate.

So, before you make a purchase, read through our skateboard vs longboard guide to learn how they differ and which will best suit your ability and the way you want to learn to skate.