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How to store a wetsuit

By Two Bare Feet 7 days ago 69 Views

Investing in a wetsuit is exciting as it can result in prolonging your adventures out on the water. Like all sporting equipment, a wetsuit needs to be cared for in order to get the best from it.

Maintaining your wetsuit is essential to its longevity. Although it might seem like an inconvenience, it’s worthwhile caring for and storing your wetsuit properly. If not, it can greatly hinder its quality and potential performance.

It doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Following a few simple steps, you can maintain your wetsuit’s shape and ensure it lasts for many more surfing adventures.

Do rash vests keep you warm?

By Two Bare Feet 16 days ago 14 Views

It’s common for watersports fans to develop skin rashes or inflammations when out on the water. There are many causes of such skin aggravations, particularly when the skin remains unprotected from the wetsuit material and seams. Where the material bunches up or when your body moves inside the suit, this can cause constant rubbing and result in abrasions – especially under the arms or around the neck. Rash vests (or guards) were therefore initially created to prevent such rubbing and potential skin rashes from forming.

Snorkelling tips

By Two Bare Feet 23 days ago 8 Views

No matter which ocean you’re lucky enough to be visiting this year, snorkelling is one water sport you cannot pass up. With so many beautiful sights, from abandoned shipwrecks to coral reefs, snorkelling is unsurprisingly popular across the world.

However, as exhilarating as snorkelling is, certain precautions must be taken before you dive in. Our guide, full of helpful tips and tricks, will ensure that your first snorkelling trip is both safe and exciting – as all expeditions should be!

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What to wear paddleboarding

By Two Bare Feet 29 days ago 8 Views

Anyone who has tried using an inflatable paddleboard even once will tend to rave about the experience! Whether you’re after a chill day on calm waters or want to catch some waves when the surf’s up – more people are getting on their boards than ever before.

As with all water sports, a little prep is required – especially where your kit is concerned. Although many enthusiasts invest in their own boards, allowing them to go out wherever and whenever they please, newbies will often favour hiring.

Regardless of if you’re hiring or buying, selecting the right clothes and accessories for your next SUP outing is vital – poor choices could really impact upon your experience. Read on to ensure you are picking the right attire, whether it’s a full wetsuit or swimming gear.

What is a buoyancy aid?

By Two Bare Feet 1 month ago 1 Views

Whether you enjoy heading out on your kayak or speeding through the waves on water-skis, buoyancy aids are an essential wardrobe accessory for any water sports enthusiast. Increasing your ability to float and providing impact protection, buoyancy aids will help you feel more secure on the water – particularly when the water is slightly unpredictable, or in case you suddenly lose your balance.