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Surfboards for Beginners

By Two Bare Feet 5 days ago

We’ve all seen the incredible photos of a professional surfer catching a huge wave, making it look easy. However, we’ve all got to start somewhere: before hitting the waves, it’s essential to choose the right board to suit your style and level of experience.

At Two Bare Feet we have a range of surfboards, designed especially to help novices get to grips with the art of surfing.

What Size Longboard Skateboard Should I Get?

By Two Bare Feet 12 days ago

It’s a question we’re asked a lot, especially as our longboard range greatly varies in length, anywhere from 32-inch decks up to a mega 60-inch deck. But we’re here to tell you that the answer isn’t a simple one based on metrics such as height, weight and experience like some other board sports.

The Wye 100 | A Four Day SUP Expedition

By Craig Murch 19 days ago

The versatility of stand-up paddle boards is what has made the sport so popular. You might be a casual cruiser, using your board as a means of mindfulness and relaxation on a calm morning. You may be more inclined to challenge yourself in choppy conditions, set a goal and paddle at pace to keep fit. Maybe you’re using your board to explore a coastline from a different perspective. Or you might have mastered catching and riding waves—the list goes on and on…

But we’re here to ask, have you ever considered a SUP camping trip and long-distance paddle expedition? If your answer is yes, but you’re yet to take the leap, you’re in the right place. If you’re answer was no, we’d suggest you keep reading—you may be inspired to change that answer by the end…

How to store an inflatable SUP for winter

By Two Bare Feet 26 days ago

Unfortunately there comes a time every year when you’ll need to pack away your inflatable paddle board – especially in the UK’s questionable climate.

Storing an inflatable SUP correctly will do wonders for its longevity. However, neglecting to create the optimum storage environment could lead to serious (and even irreversible) damage to your board.

Bamboo vs Maple Longboard

By Two Bare Feet 1 month ago

A longboard can make the ideal mode of transport, whether you’re on the daily commute or out seeking adventure. Being both durable and stable, longboardsare perfect for skaters of all abilities, from complete beginners to skating experts.

But with the huge variety of longboards on the market, it’s easy to be a little daunted when making your purchase. One of the most important variations between boards is the material used to construct the deck. Whilst longboards were traditionally constructed from maple, alternative materials such as plastic and bamboo have become more common.

How to turn on a stand-up paddleboard

By Two Bare Feet 1 month ago

Found the right inflatable SUP? Got all the accessories you need? Well then, it’s time to head out onto the water and begin practising your moves!

It’s important to learn the basics first and establish a sense of control over the paddleboard. This can be achieved through developing your balance and paddling technique, which will ultimately help you to turn and manoeuvre effectively.

Southampton Boat Show: SUP Discounts and New Designs

By Two Bare Feet 1 month ago

It’s nearly that time of year again where we head off to Southampton Boat Show with an array of our best gear to show off and to give you the chance to grab a big discount on that SUP, surfboard or wetsuit you’ve been eyeing up. So, here are all the details you need to come and visit our exhibition…

Filmmaking and Snorkelling with Whale Sharks in the Maldives

By Two Bare Feet 2 months ago

This summer, two students (one filmmaker and one mathematical biologist) from the University of the West of England took off to the Maldives equipped with Two Bare Feet dive gear to help them capture scenes for an upcoming documentary. And having just returned from their trip, we thought we’d share a few little insights from the white sand beaches and tropical, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean archipelago.

A Two Bare Feet SUP Adventure (Part 4 of 4)

By Two Bare Feet 3 months ago

The final instalment of a four part series of paddleboarding Vlogs for Two Bare Feet. In this final episode, Nicole and Robb are joined by Kim for a healthy picnic, an impromptu iSUP race, and one last big splash!

Best Inflatable Paddleboard for Fishing

By Two Bare Feet 3 months ago

Relaxing on the calm waters with a small fishing rod in hand sounds idyllic, hence the rise in paddleboard fishing. As a growing trend, many people are now realising the full benefits of fishing on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP).