SUPs for Small Riders

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SUPs for small riders

At Two Bare Feet we excel at pleasing all our customers. Our SUP board range is designed to be inclusive of a range of body sizes, including smaller paddleboarders and children. If you feel you fit into this category, read on to get a feel for some of your ideal options.

Choosing a smaller inflatable stand up paddleboard

Generally, a smaller board with a lower max payload will be more suitable for smaller SUP riders – you won’t require the higher board volume or buoyancy provided by larger boards, such as those found in our Allround XL SUP range.

Our range of smaller SUPs

Two Bare Feet Laser Mini

The Laser Mini is an innovative little 6’0” board, perfect for introducing small children to paddleboarding. It allows them to enjoy climbing all over the wide, flat deck whilst extra grab handles will inspire confidence when staying afloat. Alternatively, it’s a great option for adults who prefer kneeboarding, seated paddling and even stand up paddleboarding – so long as you can remain balanced!

Allround / Surf inflatable SUPs

Two paddleboards which feature in our SUPs for small riders category include the Inviato 10’0” model and the Sport Air 10’0”.

Both boards are versatile enough to be used for surfing and white water, thanks to the small, maneuverable designs. However, they’re equally able to accommodate smaller riders looking for an everyday board, and small enough to work as a high buoyancy board for such riders.

  SUPs for small riders types

Allround inflatable SUPs

For small riders who want a robust board for various paddleboard disciplines, we recommend the following Allround 10’6” and 10’10” iSUPs:

Touring inflatable SUPs

Our Entradia 11’6” SUP is a scaled-down Touring board, ideal for long-distance paddling. Designed for straight-tracking and smooth gliding, this model has been optimized for children, teenagers and small adults who specifically desire a long-distance paddleboard.