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Of all the inflatable stand up paddle boards in the Two Bare Feet’s range, our 10’ boards are the shortest.

This doesn’t put them at a disadvantage, as they are primarily made for a specific purpose: surfing.

Manoeuvrability and wave handling are the greatest strengths of a smaller iSUP. The reduced footprint makes these boards particularly adept at turning: there’s less mass, so swinging the front around suddenly requires less effort. In addition, the shorter length, pointed nose and additional rocker make this design less prone to nose-diving when catching and riding waves.

Are river rapids more your style? No problem! Surf SUPs are tough, rigid and manoeuvrable – meaning they perform well when riding white water as well as ocean waves.

As with all elements of board design, there is some compromise involved in performance gain. In the case of short iSUPs this tends to be a reduction in paddle speed and tracking.

It should be said that factors other than length, such as the width, depth and shape of the board, will always come into play when making comparisons on overall board performance.

In addition to riding the waves, 10’ boards also serve as good allrounders for smaller paddleboarders — especially children. The reduced dimensions make the board less cumbersome, and therefore easier for a smaller rider to control.

Two Bare Feet’s range of 10’ iSUPs

Our 10’0” Surf SUP boards are available in three different models, each with their own comparative merits.


Inviato (Allround / Surf)

  • - Above-average width for a Surf SUP
  • - Standard thickness
  • - Single layer exterior
  • - Single air chamber

The Inviato Allround / Surf has been produced with the entry-level paddleboarder in mind: it’s simple, lightweight and a bit wider for added stability – something a beginner may appreciate when trying to stay balanced.

Its 4.75” thickness promises enough board volume to support the rider while still providing a relatively low centre-of-gravity for good stability.

Even though the Inviato Allround / Surf uses a single layer skin, the reinforced PVC is reassuringly hard-wearing.

It may be a modest board, but the Inviato Allround / Surf is by no means of low quality. As an affordable introduction to iSUP surfing, it provides a premium look and feel, coupled with the strength, ease of use and durability to back up its potential.  


Aerostar (Allround / Surf) 10’

  • - Above-average width for a Surf SUP
  • - Standard thickness
  • - Double Wall Fusion (DWF) PVC exterior
  • - Single air chamber

In addition to the decent stability afforded by the board’s width and relatively low centre of gravity, our Aerostar Allround / Surf iSUP uses the same DWF construction found in the majority of our boards – making it lighter, stiffer and more durable than a standard double-layer iSUP.


Sport Air (Allround / Surf)

  • - Standard width for a Surf SUP
  • - Standard depth
  • - Double-walled fusion (DWF) PVC topside
  • - Triple-layer underside
  • - Choice of single or double air chamber

Our premium Sport Air Allround / Surf SUP is geared a little more towards the more experienced paddleboarder.

In addition to the added toughness and rigidity offered by the Double Wall Fusion PVC exterior, the underside of the board has a third laminate layer for additional protection and performance in the water.

This is boosted by the option of a double-air chamber. These are designed so that the air is distributed evenly between the chambers, reducing the possibility of air being displaced under the rider, which could lead to the board bowing under the weight of the rider.

Not only does the double air chamber improve board rigidity by up to 30 per cent; it also guarantees a safer ride as the board is unlikely to fully deflate if it were ever to be damaged.


Two Bare Feet's range of 10' inflatable SUPs


Two Bare Feet’s iSUP options and accessories

All of the 10’ inflatable stand up paddleboards we sell are available in a variety of colour schemes. You won’t be left short of choices; we’re certain you’ll find something to suit your personal taste.

In addition, all our boards are sold with a package of accessories, providing everything you’ll need to get out on the water. All packages include: a paddle, dual action pump, removable fin, drybag, coil leash and repair kit. The higher tier package options come with additional and up-rated accessories.

For more details on the Two Bare Feet accessory packages, take a look at our SUP package pages: