Two Bare Feet Adult Silicone Mask, Snorkel & F75 Fins 3 Piece Diving Set 3 (Black)

This 3 Piece Diving set features a pair of powerful open heel diving fins for even more thrust and power underwater, also comes with a free mesh bag.

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SET 3 - Suitable for Teenagers and Adults - Square cut bottom - suits Small to Average size faces
Each set contains a matching mask, snorkel and pair of fins

Silicone Mask
This Diving Mask is ideal for all the water sports activities you want to throw at it! The Two Bare Feet Pro Silicone Mask gives a superior fit and impressive clear range of vision. Made from translucent silicone which is softer (and hypo allergenic) with a double feather edge skirt. The clear frame is a polycarbonate construction and benefits from tempered glass for that all important clear sight. Featuring an alternative lens shape, our Silicone Masks, are more comfortable to wear than PVC versions. Which simply means you can spend longer in the water! We have 4 different styles to choose from and each come in a selection of different colours. The only difference in the styles is the shape of the mask itself.

Silicone Snorkel
Made with a super soft silicone mouth piece, purge valve and splash proof top and available in three colours these are a simple and affordable choice for hitting the water.

F75 Fins
Hydrodynamic designed open heel diving fins, offering much more forward motion from minimal effort. This professional standard open foot pocketed diving flippers feature quick adjusting and quick release buckles for ease of use. Even wearing gloves, one quick movement opens or closes the buckle yet they remain secure and fixed during diving. Upper and lower stabilisers anchor the blade keeping your kicks stable and reduces power loss, whilst three different materials are used overall to give the best performance, elasticity and durability possible.

A serious diving fin for divers looking for greater power, reduced fatigue and a higher overall performance than a standard kick fin. Available in a choice of colours, which effortlessly compliment our Mask and Snorkels, and in two sizes which adjust to cover every foot from UK4 all the way up to a UK13. Please note these fins feature open heel opening and require boots to be worn (not included)

If you're looking for a great value snorkel set that's softer then those cheap hire sets then these are what you are looking for. Our Silicone Snorkelling Sets are suitable for both Teenagers and Adults - simply choose the design mask you like most!

Adults F75 Fins Size Guide

UK Size
US Size
EU Size
S / M 4.5 - 8.5
5.5 - 9.5 37.5 - 42.5
L / XL 9 - 13
10 - 14 43 - 48

More Information
Material Silicone
Age Recommendation Suitable for 3+
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