Two Bare Feet "The Ribeira" 44in Canadian Maple Longboard Skateboard Complete (White Wheels)


  • Length: 44in
  • Width: 9.5in
  • Wheelbase: 33in
  • Ply: 8
  • Construction: Canadian Maple
  • Concave Style: Regular
  • Concave Depth: Mild
  • Rocker: Flat
  • Flex: Fair
  • Griptape:  Transparent / Black Die-Cut
  • Trucks: 7in Aluminium Raw UB Reverse Kingpin
  • Truck Mounting: Top Mounted
  • Wheels: Sessions Series 70mm (78A) Super High Rebound
  • Bearings: ABEC7 Chrome
  • Riser: 3mm (0.11in) Rectagular Med
  • Setup: Pre-Assembled
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The Two Bare Feet Ribeira 44in longboard is a surf inspired pintail intended to get you from point A to B in serious style. 

It's 44 inches long and 9.5 inches wide with a 33 inch wheelbase all wrapped up in a timeless shape that's perfect for cruising and carving around town and down hills. With a very mild concave deck that's on the narrow side, finding a groove with the Ribeira is easy.

The Canadian Maple ply means this deck is as strong as they come thanks to the tree's naturally high-density fibres as well as the construction process which involve 8 cross-laminated ply layers held together with epoxy glue. 

Even with such a solid build from the best maple around, the deck still allows for a fair amount of flex. This gives the board a good balance between straight line speed and smooth turns, while also working with the Sessions Series High Rebound wheels to soak up uneven surfaces for a comfortable ride. 

Onto aesthetics, and our favourite part is on the underside where we've laser etched the Two Bare Feet Boarding Co logo into the wood. On top you've got a retro-influenced striped design covered by a combination of spray on clear grip and cut black section of grip designed to immitate a surfboard style rear deck pad. The clear grip section is crafted from recycled glass particles making it a smart, eco-friendly application.

The Ribeira is supplied pre-assembled and ready to ride with 70mm (78A) wheels and 7in aluminium trucks in raw design, as well as 3mm rectangular risers.

More Information
Wheel Colour White
Product Dimensions Length: 44in Width: 9.5in
Skateboard Type Pintail Longboards
Wheel Size 70mm
Age Recommendation Suitable for 11+
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