Surfskate Boards

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Surfskate boards at Two Bare Feet

We are expanding our range of surfskate style carving boards to keep up with the hottest new trend in skateboarding today. Featuring a spring-loaded carving  truck up front, these boards give incredibly loose turns that feel just like surfing on concrete. Carve, wind and pump to generate speed without ever having to put your foot on the floor to push!

Surfskate truck options

We now offer 2 truck styles. Choose from either our popular Standard Surfskate Truck,or our original 829 style.

Standard surfskate pros and cons - Offers a blend of stability and responsiveness that works well for beginner riders getting to grips with a new style of board, or for more experienced riders who are willing to compromise slightly on the agility of their board in favour for a bit more stability at speed.

These boards are also made using premium materials and components using the highest levels of workmanship in order to provide a top quality surfskate at a fraction of the price of bigger brands.

829 style surfskate pros and cons -
Our 829 style truck is a more budget version of our standard surfskate truck. These are supplied on smaller boards made from slightly less durable materials - Making them a really great affordable options for kids who do not need the added build quality found in our other boards.