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Penny Longboards

Best known for their mini Penny boards, classic Australian skate company Penny has upped the game with their take on a traditional longboard, giving riders the best of both worlds. Bringing one of the most famous skating brands over to the UK, Two Bare Feet are excited to offer a range of versatile and high-quality Penny longboards.

Setting them aside from their traditional wooden longboard cousin, our range of Penny longboards features a plastic deck, made of a secret composite formula in order to guarantee strength and flex control. The plastic top deck is completed with a waffle-style finish and added texture for essential extra grip, making this a perfect first board for longboarding newbies.

Their classic pintail shape and side-to-side concave ensure boarders of all abilities a smooth ride. Beginners will find the Penny longboard incredibly easy to manoeuvre due to the wide platform, whereas more experienced riders are guaranteed to find it perfect for gaining some serious downhill speeds.

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Re-engineered to be lower to the ground than a classic Penny board, the Penny longboard offers a far lower centre of gravity, ensuring optimum stability. Our Penny longboards also feature a half-inch camber running along the length of the deck, providing the rider with more turning leverage. This camber also ensures the rider is at the same height as the trucks, rather than below, allowing greater control for downhill cruising.

As with all Penny boards, our range of Penny longboards are made to an impressively high standard and are incredibly durable – you can rely on these boards to withstand some serious mileage. Arriving to you complete, all our Penny longboards are ready to go the minute they arrive. Available in three different colourways, we’re confident that you’ll find a style to suit you.