Two Bare Feet "The Brody" 42in Bamboo Series Longboard Skateboard Complete (Blue Wheels)


  • Length: 42in
  • Width: 9in
  • Wheelbase: 32.5in
  • Ply: 8
  • Construction: Bamboo with Maple
  • Concave Style: W Concave
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Rocker: Flat
  • Flex: Moderate
  • Griptape: Clear Spray On
  • Trucks: 7in Aluminium Raw PRS Reverse Kingpin
  • Truck Mounting: Drop Through (Bottom Mounted)
  • Wheels: Sessions Series 70mm (78A) Super High Rebound
  • Bearings: ABEC7 Chrome
  • Riser: None
  • Setup: Pre-Assembled
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The Brody Bamboo Series Longboard delivers an incredibly smooth ride, with fast-rolling wheels and high performance bushings that allow it to carve and cruise effortlessly. This board has the quality feel of any board from the big brands that you'd expect to come with a much larger pricetag.

At 42 inches long and 9 inches wide with a 32.5 inch wheelbase, this 'twin tip' longboard is a great option for freestyle riding and all-round use. The flexy deck gives a springy responsive feel, while the shortened wheelbase allows for tight, whippy turns, unlocking the potential for flowing, stylish carves as you make your way around town.

The 'W concave' offers support through the heel, toe and arch of the foot making this a very comfortable and stable board to ride for the widest range of riders. This is a great option for those just starting out who want the most user-friendly board going, as well as those more experienced riders looking for a top quality board at an affordable price!

The Brody is supplied pre-assembled and ready to ride with our good grip 70mm (78A) wheels, 7in aluminium trucks and clear spray on gip tape for that classic look.

More Information
Wheel Colour Blue
Product Dimensions Length: 44in Width: 9.5in
Skateboard Type Freeriding Longboards
Wheel Size 70mm
Age Recommendation Suitable for 11+
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