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  1. Aqua Marina View Inflatable Kayak (Double)
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Any kayaking enthusiast knows that if you’re short of space, storing your own kayak can be a little tricky. Here at Two Bare Feet, we don’t want anything to stop you from taking part in the sport you love – so we’re very proud to present our range of inflatable kayaks.

Easy to inflate and deflate, our kayaks will have you out on the water in no time. Their compact nature means they won’t take up valuable space in your home. They’re also perfect for transportation, allowing you to continue your kayaking adventure in new spots without a worry.

Despite being inflatable, our selection of kayaks are incredibly durable. Being reinforced with three layers of super-tough fabric material, they guarantee a safe kayaking experience. We also understand that – to ensure nothing detracts from the fun – comfort is essential in recreational kayaking. With this in mind, our range features super comfy seating on all kayaks. The Aqua Marina KO Leisure Inflatable Kayak is finished with fully inflatable seats, whilst the Aqua Marina View Inflatable Kayak features polyester padded foam seating.

Ideal for getting out on the water with your kayaking partner, our kayaks are suitable for two people to use. Designed to glide calmly across the water, they're ideal for use on lakes and flat water.

The smooth ride will allow you to get full use out of one of the most exciting kayak features we offer. As the name suggests, the Aqua Marina View Inflatable Kayak features a unique see-through panel on its underside, allowing you a special glimpse into the water below. We know you’re going to love the extra dynamic this will give your kayaking expeditions.

Each of our kayaks arrive complete with a dual oar paddle, foot pump, carry bag, pressure gauge and repair kit to ensure you are ready to get out on the water immediately!

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