Two Bare Feet’s Top Christmas Gifts for 2021

Two Bare Feet’s Top Christmas Gifts for 2021

Two Bare Feet’s Top Christmas Gifts for 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, we know many of you will be hunting for inspiration when it comes to gifts for your nearest and dearest. So, to offer a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of our most popular Christmas toys and watersports accessories with all ages in mind.

Whether you’re looking to gift a flash new scooter to your child, provide a helping hand to a newly inducted wild swimmer entering their first winter season, or offer an alternative hobby to a surfer in the form of a surfskate, we’ve got something here for you.

Weatherproof Changing Robes

For all watersports enthusiasts, these are the must-have accessory of the moment. Our robes offer ultimate warmth and the easiest, most dignified way to change in and out of your wet gear. This is thanks to a soft, fluffy sherpa lining, windproof and water resistant-outer, and extra-long coverage extending past your knees.

A robe will also provide the perfect companion whilst you’re waiting for tides, spending time watching others from the shore or having a hot drink with friends after a dip. Anyone without a robe this winter will only envy those who do, making this a no-brainer gift for the surfers, swimmers, SUP’ers, sailors and more in your family.



A plank of wood and four wheels with a twist: these are no ordinary skateboards.

Two Bare Feet surfskates provide the closest feeling to surfing you can get on dry land thanks to unique truck designs that change the way you can ride. The sprung nature of these trucks allows skaters to pump for speed, carve further and wrap turns tighter.

The movements needed to perform these manoeuvres very closely mimic those of a surfer on a surfboard, making them the ideal way to practice when the ocean’s flat. And, even if you don’t surf, we highly recommend for plenty of fun on four wheels.

Here at Two Bare Feet we offer two different truck designs to suit beginners and more experienced skaters and surfers alike. Check out our video to find out which is best to put under the tree this Christmas: Which Surfskate is Right for You?

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Neochrome Scooters

As flashy as stunt scooters get, Two Bare Feet Neochrome stunt scooters will be the envy of every kid at the skate park. The anodised finish on these models provides a shine and colour finish that is ever changing depending on how the light hits it.

They are built to take a beating thanks to heat-treated alloy and heavy-duty components—perfect for new scooter riders just getting to grips with it, as well as experienced riders learning big new tricks.

These are available in both a black and neochrome mix, or full neochrome from bars to deck. But if you neochrome isn’t your thing, you can find many more colour options and stunt scooter styles on Two Bare Feet. 

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Wetsuit accessories

Chances are we all know someone who has recently taken up wild swimming. And if that person is close enough to you to deserve a gift, we have an ideal range of options that would suit a swimmer trying to stick with it during their first winter.

While the thrill of swimming without a wetsuit is generally the whole point, most swimmers still rely on some sort of neoprene to keep their extremities from freezing off! That’s where our wide range of wetsuit gloves, boots, socks and hoods come in. We offer different thicknesses of neoprene in all of our accessories, so you’re bound to find something suitable.

Hit the link below to check out a range of simple, affordable, and thoughtful gifts for not only your swimming friends, but also any surfers, sailors, paddleboarders and other watersports enthusiasts in the family.

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Laser Logo Classic Skateboards

Two Bare Feet are proud to offer the highest quality classic skateboards you’ll find on a budget. Our new range of Laser Logo Skateboards have been built with the finest Canadian Maple to offer maximum durability and pop. And, all other components that make up a complete skateboard reach the same lofty standards in terms of quality, for a fraction of the price of big skate brands.

We carry four different size options having optimised the truck and wheel size to match the deck. However, we also offer a custom option so you can build the perfect setup, whether it’s intended as someone’s first high-quality board, or as a replacement for an experienced skater.

Check out our Laser Logo range below as well as some incredibly budget friendly boards that are perfect for young kids looking to learn to skate.

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Christmas Delivery & Extended Christmas Returns

For all of you last-minute shoppers, Two Bare Feet can guarantee delivery in time for Christmas for all orders placed by 2.30pm on Monday 20th December.

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And, if for any reason you need to return or exchange a gift, Two Bare Feet offer an extended Christmas returns policy. Request an exchange or refund right up until the end of January for any order placed from November 1st.

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11 November 2021
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