Christmas Gift Guide for Paddleboard Lovers 2023

Christmas Gift Guide for Paddleboard Lovers 2023
7 November 2023

Christmas Gift Guide for Paddleboard Lovers 2023

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is around the corner and there's no better way to bring a smile to your favourite paddleboard enthusiast than by gifting them something they'll truly appreciate. Whether they're adults setting out on high-sea adventures or kids just starting their watery journey, this gift guide has something for everyone.


Gift Ideas for Everyone

These gifts are versatile and suitable for paddleboard lovers of all ages. They're the essentials every SUP enthusiast would love to have in their kit.

Sport Air SUP Packages starting @ £450*


Always representing the top-end of inflatable SUP manufacturing, the ever-popular Sport Air range has been revitalised for 2023 with a fantastic new look, further upgrades and new features including a refined removable fin system with the addition of a river fin to interchange with the larger centre fin providing endless SUPing opportunities.

These boards continue to sit at the top end of our range thanks to the incredibly durable Fusion DWF materials used to make them. Designed to serve the Intermediate and Expert Paddler who is looking for a board that can handle anything you might throw at it


SUP Leashes & Quick Release Waist Belts starting @ £12.99*


Safety first! SUP leashes keep paddlers safely connected to their boards in case of a fall. These coiled leashes are meant to help you stay close to your board even in rough waters so your board doesn't get pulled out of your reach, leaving you stranded. 


The swivel feature can help prevent any tangling, and coils are meant to reduce drag. If you plan on using your SUP in rivers, surf, or water with a heavier current, it's recommended to pair a SUP leash with a quick released waist belt to allow paddlers to quickly disconnect themselves if needed.


20PSI Electric SUP Pump & 12V Powerbank starting @ £69.99* 


Our high pressure / high capacity 20psi electric 12V SUP pump makes light work of inflating your paddleboard, kayaks or other watersports inflatables. The accompanying 12V Powerbank has been specifically designed to marry with the SUP pump, allowing you to inflate your board anywhere you please. 


Great for when you want to launch your SUP somewhere new that doesn’t have access for vehicles. The 12V port on your electric pump simply plugs into the powerbank. Switch on the powerbank, set the desired pressure on your pump, and watch your board inflate in no time.


Weatherproof Changing Robes starting @ £69.99*


The Two Bare Feet Weatherproof changing robe will keep you warm no matter what kind of weather you find yourself in. It’s the ideal companion for stand-up paddlers, surfers, open-water swimmers and these robes will keep you warm outdoors on those chilly days. 


The Oxford nylon outer shell is windproof and 8K water-resistant to keep rain and wind-chill at bay. With a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water repellent finishing for ultimate performance, which is both safe and environmentally better for our planet. This outer is then paired with the highest quality, soft to touch, Sherpa Fleece lining you’ll find inside a changing robe. 


Wetsuit Boots starting @ £12.99*


Suitable for all water sport’s disciplines, wetsuit boots are the perfect purchase to accompany your new wetsuit. Offering insulation in cold water, as well as providing invaluable grip and protection, you can’t go wrong with a pair of our wetsuit boots.

All boots in our range are constructed from high quality neoprene, in thicknesses ranging from 3 – 5mm. 


Neoprene is universally favoured in swimming gear for its durable quality, meaning that our boots are fast drying, making them great to use multiple times throughout the day, as well as preventing you from carrying around wet gear.


Gift Ideas for Adults

For the mature paddleboarder who knows the thrill of navigating waterways, these gifts offer a mix of utility and fun to enhance their experience.

Kayak Paddle Extension starting @ £29.99*


This paddle extension can transform any Two Bare Feet Hybrid paddle into a double-ended kayak paddle. The extension simply takes the place of the removable handle on your existing paddle, so you can easily slide in the extra blade and secure with the clasp at the top of the shaft. This can be combined with our Clip-on Kayak Seat allowing you to sit back on your paddleboard for an even more relaxed cruise on the water. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: This extension is only compatible with the same material constructed Two Bare Feet Paddle. It cannot be used alone.


Paddle Bag starting @ £22.99*


Keep your prized paddle safe in storage and during transportation with our classic print SUP paddle bags. Choose from 2-piece and 3-piece models to match your paddle, or take a look at our bundle offers where you can purchase both a paddle and bag at a discount. 


5mm padding features on all sides of the bag to offer maximum protection for even the most delicate carbon SUP paddles. We've added a well-balanced top handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap so you can easily transport your paddle in tandem with all of the rest of your gear.


High Back SUP Seat starting @ £29.99*


Foldable for easy transport and adjustable for your individual comfort, this paddle board accessory will have you wanting to spend all your time out on the water.

The high back adjustable kayak seat is the perfect accessory for riders who enjoy other activities such as kayaking, fishing or simply relaxing while out at sea! Simply attach the two top straps to the D rings in front of the seat position, then attach the bottom straps behind the seat position and you are good to go.

Compatible with all Two Bare Feet Paddleboards and some kayaks.


90L SUP Dry/ Carry Bag starting @ £29.99*


These bags really are a paddler's best friend! Constructed of heavy duty reinforced PVC, these high capacity bags are fully waterproof and incredibly strong and reliable. Designed to accommodate a Two Bare Feet paddleboard and all accessories, these bags also double as drybags to keep your dry kit dry while out on your SUP, during camping trips, watersports and other outdoor excursions.


These are a highly practical accessory that can store and carry all of your gear, keep your spare clothes and towel dry and keep wet kit away from your dry car seats.


Gift Ideas for Kids

The little adventurers deserve nothing but the best. These gifts ensure safety, fun, and comfort for our budding paddleboard champions.

8’6’’ Entradia (Kids) SUP Packages starting @ £325*


This model has been designed specifically for kids and other small riders for use as an allround, everyday go-to board. With reduced lengthover our standard Allrounders, this board is lightweight, agile, maneuverable and easy to handle for smaller riders. A moderate-to-wide 34” width provides a superbly stable base which is great for learning on.


All of these characteristics mean the Entradia 8’6” is not only a small paddlers new best friend, but will also serve advanced paddlers within the specified maximum payload of 80kg who are looking for a small and nimble inflatable paddleboard for use in surf conditions.


Kids Towelling Robe starting @ £17.99*


Two Bare Feet Kids towelling robes are a must-have beach accessory for water lovers. No matter your location, our kids towelling robes provide privacy and warmth so kids can easily change anytime and anywhere. The microfibre material helps wick away moisture, while providing ample room for little arms and legs to wiggle out of wetsuits or into a fresh swim costume.


Throw a kid’s towelling robe over your little one’s head as they come out of the water to keep them protected from the elements on chillier days. Parents can find matching adult towelling robes to enjoy the same benefits.


*Starting prices advised are the starting prices of the products when this blog was first published. These starting prices can be subject to change.