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Lycra baby wetsuit

One of the most popular items in our baby range, the Two Bare Feet Lycra Arm Wetsuit is absolutely the best of both worlds. Suitable for children up to four years of age, this suit offers your water baby all the benefits of a standard neoprene wetsuit, with the added feature of Lycra sleeves, ensuring unrestricted movement in the water.

A firm favourite amongst parents, the Lycra Arm Wetsuit features a soft 2mm neoprene body, providing a comfortable fit whilst also protecting your child from getting too cold when enjoying the waves. This tried and tested neoprene wetsuit material is proven to be fast drying, meaning your youngsters can jump in and out of the water as they please.

However, we have gone one step further and put the needs of a growing toddler at the forefront of the design of this suit. The Lycra Arm Wetsuit is finished with stretchy Lycra sleeves, ensuring that there is no restriction of movement and allows room for a bit of growing. This extra versatility makes the Lycra Arm Wetsuit perfect for all manner of water activities. Swimming, paddling, or just playing on the beach – this suit has your baby covered.

The front zip feature allows your older water enthusiasts to get in and out of their wetsuit independently, but also means you can easily help your younger ones who may still need a hand, making this the perfect first wetsuit for infant swimmers: ranging from babies and toddlers to four-year-olds.

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As with our entire baby range, when purchasing the Lycra Arm Wetsuit, there is the option to add one of our exclusive wetsuit sets. These include a swim bag and a Two Bare Feet towel – the perfect piece of kit to make sure you’re fully prepared for a day at the beach.

If you’re concerned about your baby being exposed to too much sun, worry not. The thickness of the material will certainly help protect from harmful UV rays, meaning you can confidently let your little one enjoy a summer’s day at the beach.

Not satisfied with practicality alone, we have of course ensured that each wetsuit has a unique and attractive colourway. Choose from bold block colours, or patterned Lycra sleeves, both of which are guaranteed to ensure your little one will love showing off in the water.