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Enhance your riding performance by investing in a reliable and sturdy scooter clamp from Two Bare Feet. Our quality clamps are engineered to eliminate wheel offset so that you can perform your next trick with peace of mind.

Clamps are an essential component of any stunt scooter since they are used to keep your handlebars in place. They also add support when high-pressure tricks are performed.

With a variety of sizes, colours and designs you can customise your ride while still ensuring that you get just the right amount of clamping power for your frame.

Stunt Scooter Deluxe Tri Clamp

This heavy-duty aluminium scooter tri clamp offers the opportunity to refresh or update your ride for optimal performance.

Designed to be used as a stunt scooter clamp, this interchangeable model is easy to set up and use across a variety of stunt scooter brands. On top of being highly durable and solid, the clamp is powder coated with gunmetal precision bolts. It is also T4 and T6 heat-treated

Stunt Scooter Deluxe Quad Clamp

Our exclusive aluminium scooter quad clamp is a super stylish option with an anodised neochrome finish. Reasonably priced, the clamp isn’t just functional – it’ll add a touch of class to your scooter.

This clamp will fit all Two Bare Feet scooters and alternative brands, meaning it’s an easy set-up. Like the Deluxe Tri Clamp, it is also T4 & T6 heat treated.

Stunt Scooter Quad Clamp

Available in plenty of colour options, our heavy-duty aluminium stunt scooter quad clamps offer reassuring stability. Easy to install, these clamps will fit on all 30 – 32mm diameter handlebar tubes (bar requires a minimum cutaway of 73mm).

  Scooter tri clamps and quad clamps

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Save yourself time and money: instead of buying a new scooter, why not take the cheaper and more creative option by refreshing your current ride?

We have everything you could need to update your scooter and offer the option to mix and match accessory colours. Check out our colourful range of scooter wheels, grips, bearings and handlebars.