Newborn Baby Wetsuits

Swimming with your Newborn Baby

Our ultimate newborn baby wetsuits are the perfect suit for introducing your baby to the water.

Made from a 2mm soft neoprene with lycra cuffs on the neck, arms and legs, this front zipped suit will help keep your little one warmer for longer so you can both enjoy the water. This will also help you get your little ones in and out of the suit - as we all know they aren't going to make it easy!

A great choice if you are about to start swimming classes or want a wetsuit for holidays. We also off a variety of swim sets for kids of all ages to help them enjoy themselves in the water and to help you keep the costs down! 

Babies love the water. They’ve spent 9 months in the womb so being in warm water feels much more familiar to them than being on dry land!