Your paddle is as important as your board as it helps to transfer the power from your stroke into a forward motion. We have a range of paddles to choose from.

Aluminium Paddles are made up of 2 or 3 sections, with the handle, shaft and blade which simply connect together with ease. The added bonus of having 3 sections is that you can enjoy more adjustment to the paddle for a height which is suitable for the rider. These paddles are suitable for all ages and abilities and the best choice for all round performance.

Carbon SUP Paddles have the same set up as the aluminium paddle, but much lighter in weight thanks to inclusion of carbon fibre to the construction. You will certainly notice this if you spend a long period of time on the water as your arms shouldn't ache as much. This lighter weight also makes carbon paddles an excellent choice for touring or racing.

There are also different types of carbon paddle, some feature fibreglass and carbon fibre mix whilst others are fully carbon fibre. This also applies to the blade, where a fully carbon fibre setup is going to be lighter than a mix setup. However, some riders prefer the blend a mix paddle offers due to easier power transfer and stability.

Multi function paddles are very similar to the aluminium paddle, however you will find more sections included as well as an additional blade making this paddle very similar to a kayak oar. This paddle is one to get if you are looking for something versatile or will be riding your SUP for periods whilst sat or kneeling.