Shop for diving and swimming goggles at Two Bare Feet, a great selection of swim goggles for all the family.

Our junior goggles have a silicone gasket and strap which is super comfortable as well as PC lens. The strap is adjustable so that they can be adjusted for the user. These goggles have UV protection as well as anti-fog and anti-scratch, these are an all round great pair of goggles for children.

Our vision mask has a wide vision lens made from PC material featuring an amazing seal to prevent the water from coming in. These goggles have an adjustable strap so that they can be fitted for the user. The silicone material makes these goggles super comfortable on the face. These goggles are anti-fog, anti-scratch and have 100% UV protection, these are a great all round pair of goggles.

Our swimming goggles have PC lens with a silicone gasket and adjustable strap for extra comfort. These goggles have an amazing water seal so that your performance in the water will not be affected. They also have anti-fog and 100% UV protection so nothing can stop you from using these.